Our Environment & Community:

  • We minimise carbon footprint by keeping 90 % of production operations within our local area.
  • We are proud members of “Origin Green”, the independently audited sustainable initiative operated by Bord Bia.
  • We are fully supportive of the “Cool Clon” initiative, which is committed to making Clonakilty Ireland’s first self-sufficient energy town.
  • We support local charities and groups and as a coastal distillery we feel it is particularly important to offer our support and affiliation to maritime charities.
  • We are delighted to support the voluntary Inchydoney Inshore Lifeboat Group, which is the only one of its kind in Ireland.
  • We are also annual sponsors of “Whale and Dolphin Conservation” a non-profit organisation dedicated to the well-being of whales and dolphins worldwide.

Our Commitments:

  • By 2023, we will create a permanent wildflower meadow and plant over 100 mature trees and over 400 native hedgerows and shrubs. Our goal is to enhance biodiversity with the local community in Clonakilty which will provide food and a habitat the native bird, bee and insect population.
  • We will also create a dedicated bee bank which will provide a burrow for our native bee species for resting and hibernation.
  • 100% of production operations will be within our local area and community by 2023. This will include cask disgorging, cutting, blending, bottling, and packaging operations.
  • We pledge to continue to offer our annual support to local charities and groups, and we will continue to develop and foster links and relationships with local community groups that also reflect our passion for the land and sea.