Energy & Resource Management:

  • 100% of our co-products such as spent grains, pot ale and spent lees are recycled to local farmers and are used as fertiliser or animal feed.
  • Our single pot still production recipe substitutes 50% unmalted barley for malted barley, which results in a corresponding energy saving during the malting process.
  • Our state-of-the-art distillery has been specifically designed with the intention of capturing and recycling any excess heat produced from our copper pot stills.
  • 100% of the electricity we use at Clonakilty Distillery is made from renewable sources.
  • We recirculate the water in our cooling system at the distillery which also leads to a reduction in water usage.
  • The water we use to cut our new make spirit is sourced in its natural state from a deep well on the family farm.

Our Commitments:

  • By 2025, with the introduction of additional advanced heat recovery technologies, our objective is to reduce energy consumption per litre produced by a minimum of 10%.