A small family farm on the southwest coast of Ireland and an Irish farmer with a very big dream.

The Scully family, the founders of Clonakilty distillery, have farmed this windswept coastal land for 9 successive generations. With the best resources that nature has to offer, prime land, pristine water and salt sea air, they had the perfect ingredients for a maritime distillery.


Located at the waterfront, in the heart of Clonakilty town, the three gleaming copper pot stills are an inspiring sight to behold.

It is here that we distill our award-winning new make, alongside our visitor experience and shop. This is where the magic starts, and is the home of Clonakilty whiskey.

Barley fields

We grow our own heritage barley on our family farm in the shadow of the Galley Head lighthouse.

Centuries of sea mist, soft rain and ocean spray provide a complexity to the soil that permeates through to each individual grain.

Atlantic warehouse

Perched 200ft. above the ocean, our Atlantic Ocean warehouse is ideal for maturing the finest of whiskeys.

Pure clean air, transported across thousands of miles of the Atlantic, provides a freshness unspoilt by human intervention. 

Our Environment

We are privileged to support Whale and Dolphin Conservation in their worldwide quest to protect these majestic creatures.

In addition, we are proud members of Origin Green an independently certified commitment to sustainable corporate practice. 



Specially designed to create single pot still Irish whiskey, our three copper pot stills perform their magic quietly and efficiently. We turn water into whiskey, no fuss, just as we like it.


We hand select our casks Worldwide, using ex Bourbon, Port, Sherry, Cognac, Rum and red wine. We even partner with breweries to finish with stout and IPA.

We then fill with our new make spirit, after which it is matured and finished at our Atlantic Ocean warehouse. The salt laden air provides a unique environment to mature the finest of whiskeys.


Using our own pristine deep well water, we slowly add it to our whiskey over a two-week period. Unique amongst Irish whiskey, we call this process our gentle cut

Angels' Share

The windswept coastal location means that our whiskey remains active within the cask, extracting flavours from deep within the wood.

This evaporation is known as the angel’s share. Needless to say, we have some very happy angels.

Our Vision

We draw inspiration for our spirits from the special marine environment, the unspoilt Atlantic coastline of Co. Cork.



To distill the world’s best single pot still Irish whiskeys. We are already on the way to achieving just that!


While respecting the traditional methods of past generations, we embrace the best of modern practice to explore, innovate and surprise.


We respect, nurture and support. We take our sustainability and environmental commitments seriously.


We are proud of our team and recognize that without their dedication and commitment, none of this would be possible.