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minke sloe gin


32% alc. / vol.

A Traditional Irish Drink

Using our award-winning Minke Gin as its base; we added sloes (a wild, tart, plum that grows in Irish hedgerows) and a little sugar.

We then left it it to infuse for a few months, to allow the colour and flavour to develop.

The end result is a wonderfully warming drop of Irish sunshine!




Neat or:

Hot Toddy: 1 part Minke Sloe Gin, 2 parts hot water, some lemon and clove. Enjoy!

Sloe Gin Fruit Cup: Minke Sloe Gin, plenty of ice, a splash of lemonade, a sprig of mint, a slice of lemon, strawberries. Serve in a tall glass.


This is a natural product. Some sediment from the sloes may be present. This is entirely normal. Just shake the bottle gently before pouring!