Second Release of Clonakilty O’Hara’s Cask Finish

Clonakilty O Hara's Second Batch

Clonakilty Distillery and Carlow Brewing Company have worked together again to release a second batch of Clonakilty O’Hara’s Cask Finish Special Edition.

This limited-edition of 1600 bottles hits the shelves on March 4th, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The first release garnered a gold medal at the World Whiskey Awards 2022, and we anticipate this latest release will touch all the right notes again.

Maybe what makes this relationship work so well is how much our stories resemble each other. According to Carlow Brewing Company, Seamus O’Hara, “We are a local volume craft brewery with big goals, and our focus has always been on creating quality beers that push the envelope. Clonakilty has a similar story to tell about innovation in the whiskey industry.”

This second edition is a single malt whiskey aged in an ex-bourbon barrel, finished in O’Hara’s Imperial Stout and Winter Star Spiced Pale Ale barrels at our Atlantic Ocean warehouse.

According to Oisin Mulcahy, Head Distiller at Clonakilty Distillery, “A good whiskey should have engaging flavours and a beautiful aroma but still feel balanced, and I feel that is what we achieved with this second batch.” He continues, “The combination of stout and whiskey deliver a classic taste, and the spiced ale brings a greater depth and a slightly citrus finish.” 

The second release comes in at a slightly lower ABV of 47.5%, which balances the sweeter character of the beer with the malt whiskey. We encourage consumers to play around with the dilution and to have fun exploring the release of different flavours. For example, adding a few drops of water will open the beer aromas, revealing hints of allspice, chocolate, and orange.


Award History

Clonakilty O’Hara’s Cask Finish Special Edition: First released in 2020 and was awarded Category Winner in the Small Batch Single Malt 12 Years & Under at the World Whiskey Awards 2022.

Where To Buy

RRP: €64.95

Limited Release: 1,600 bottles

Available from the Distillery Shop in Clonakilty & Online Store, as well as Supervalu and Centra stores.

Tasting Notes

Nose/Aromas: Vanilla custard, candied ginger, hot chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon

Palette/Flavours: Ginger cake, cardamom, fudge brownie, lemon peel

Finish: Allspice, chocolate and orange oil


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O Hara's Stout Beer and Ales

About Carlow Brewing Company

O Hara’s Carlow Brewing Company was established in Carlow 1996. They are an award winning brewery, renowned for their quality stouts and ales. The company use the highest quality raw materials with no short cuts. 

About Clonakilty Distillery

Clonakilty is Irelands maritime distillery located on the southwestern tip of Ireland. Founded by the Scully family in 2016, the distillery includes an award-winning visitor experience and gin school. The family grow their own barely and mature whiskey on the farm by the oceans edge.



Minke Irish Vodka – Clonakilty Distillery Launches New Premium Irish Vodka

Minke Irish Vodka

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – From “Minke Gin” to “Minke Vodka” – Clonakilty Distillery have added to their growing portfolio of exceptional spirits with the launch of a new premium Irish vodka.

The Distillery, which already boost a renowned reputation as a producer of award-winning whiskeys and gin, launched Minke Irish Vodka on Friday of the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Responding to Europe’s booming cocktail culture, Clonakilty have crafted a contemporary and modern new spirit, which reaffirms the company’s commitment to innovation.

Michael Scully, founder of Clonakilty Distillery said – “We are very excited to finally launch Minke Irish Vodka into the market and feel it will only enhance our reputation as a producer of premium Irish spirits. This is a superb new release for Clonakilty and further demonstrates our commitment to innovation, while respecting tradition and craft”.  

Michael Scully, Founder of Clonakilty Distillery.

Minke Irish Vodka

Distilled from whey alcohol in the distilleries copper pot still, Minke Vodka is a smooth and sophisticated spirit, offering a premium drinking experience.

Where most Irish vodkas are distilled using a grain-based alcohol, Minke Vodka uses a whey base spirit, derived from milk produced on the 9th generation family farm. Using whey alcohol as the base spirit delivers a velvety mouthfeel which coats the palate.

As with the gin, Minke Vodka is inspired by the Minke Whale, the majestic creatures that swim wild in the Atlantic off the coast of Clonakilty.  

How to enjoy Minke Vodka

The luxuriously smooth vodka can be sipped easily or enjoyed over ice with a splash of tonic and a wedge of lime.

Elegant and refined, Minke Vodka is perfect in a cocktail. The signature smoothness imparts its velvety mouthfeel and texture to any creative concoction. Without overpowering the other flavours, the vodka simply compliments them, adding a silky sensation with every sip. 

Sure to be an instant hit with mixologists, Minke Vodka guarantees a sophisticated drinking experience, working well in both traditional and new cocktails.

Minke Irish Vodka

Where to buy

Minke vodka will retail at €33.95 and is now available exclusively in Centra and Supervalu stores nationwide.






Clonakilty Distillery

Clonakilty is Irelands maritime distillery located on the southwestern tip of Ireland. Founded by the Scully family in 2016, the distillery includes an award-winning visitor experience and gin school. The family grow their own barely and mature whiskey on the farm by the oceans edge.

Clonakilty Distillery official Irish whiskey for Old glory dc major rugby league

Clonakilty Distillery is delighted to announce their exciting new partnership, with OLD Glory DC Major Rugby League.
As part of the sponsorship deal, Clonakilty will be producing two exclusive whiskey expressions for OLD Glory DC. Firstly, a limited-edition release of rum finished, Irish whiskey; bottled at cask strength, and individually numbered for the whiskey collectors out there. This rare bottling will be available for purchase at limited locations – to be announced in the coming weeks. Purchasers of the exclusive rum cask finish will be entered to win a trip for two to Ireland in 2021. Also being released is a more accessible Bordeaux cask finished Irish whiskey, bottled at 46% ABV, to be sold in the DC, Virginia & Maryland markets.

Both bottlings will also be available for sale through the Old Glory website from March 2021.

“What could go together better than rugby and Irish whiskey?” posited Chris Dunlavey, Chairman of Old Glory DC.  “Our partnership with Clonakilty Irish Whiskey represents another addition to Old Glory’s family of partners and our aim to bring the best of rugby culture – as well as the best of the sport itself – to our Mid-Atlantic home.”

Michael Scully from Clonakilty Whiskey, said:

As a genuine Irish Atlantic Ocean distillery, we feel our award-winning spirits offer a pretty unique experience for discerning consumers. We feel this partnership further strengthens our commitment to succeeding within the American market. We are excited to be working in partnership with Old Glory DC and wish them all the best for the upcoming season.

Both bottlings will be available for sale through the Old Glory website from March 2021.
Purchasers of the exclusive rum cask finish will have the opportunity to win a trip for two to Ireland in 2021

Minke Martini

This Little Women’s Christmas celebrate with us in style, with a Minke Martini, created especially for you by mixologist Jordan in Portland Oregon.

What better way to spend your Wednesday night than sipping on a velvety textured smooth delicious gin?


2 oz Minke Irish Gin
3/4 oz Blanc Vermouth
1/2 oz Amontillado sherry
3 drops Sarsaparilla Bitters
Lemon Zest


1. Combine Minke Gin, Vermouth and Sherry in a mixing glass and stir with ice.
2. Strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.
3. Add a few drops of Sarsaparilla Bitters to the surface of the drink and garnish with lemon zest.


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Sloe Gin Cocktail Recipe

You may have your favourite Gin cocktail sorted, but what about Sloe Gin?
It’s the perfect drink for the winter season, why not experiment with something new this Christmas?
We have just the right recipe for you!


22ml Minke Sloe Gin

30ml Minke Irish Gin

22ml Fresh Lime Juice

15ml Simple Sugar Syrup

60ml Soda Water


  1. Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add some ice.
  3. Vigorously shake.
  4. Finally, strain into your desired choice of glassware.

To purchase our Minke Irish Gin range follow this link:

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Calling all whiskey fans. “You Thirsty?”

Revival “You Thirsty?” IPA Cask Finish 

United by a shared passion for innovation Clonakilty Distillery and Revival Brewing, Rhode Island, have come together to release a bespoke whiskey.

Revival “You Thirsty?” IPA Cask Finish is the fourth and final release intended for the Irish market from Clonakilty’s collaboration series. Perfect for that unquenchable thirst!

Available from Friday November 27th 

Once again we called on Paul Corbett, Head Distiller to tell us more about this showstopper of a finish. 

Q. Tell us a bit about the Revival Brewing Company?

A. The Revival Brewing Company are based in Providence, Rhode Island and they have a real passion for innovation similar to ourselves here at Clonakilty. 

Q. What beer was used in this particular collaboration?

A. Revival “You Thirsty?” IPA, a New England IPA, which is an Indian Pale Ale from the North East of the US. It’s usually an unfiltered beer so it has a real thick, juicy mouthfeel and a lot new world hops — basically it’s a real thick, fruity, hoppy beer. 

Q. Would I be correct in saying they used lots of hops and different types of hops for the “You Thirsty?” IPA? 

A. Yeah from what I’m aware they’re using three different types of hops and also three new variety’s of hops that are available in New England. This is why I’m hoping to get some new novel flavours into the the whiskey. 

Q. Is this what led you to believe this beer would work well with Clonakilty whiskey?

A. Yes but also because of the New England unfiltered style, the fact it’s got quite a heavy mouthfeel and it’s quite juicy. That’s something I don’t think you usually get in a whiskey and I’m hoping that it will add something unique and fresh to the category. 

Q. Why did you choose to bottle at 43.6% ABV?

A. Well because of all those new world hops, they have a real strong fruity flavour and I didn’t want them to overpower the whiskey. This is why I thought to bring the ABV down to just over 40%. 

Q. What should people expect from this whiskey?

A. Straight away to me it smells like a New England IPA. There’s lots of mango, passion fruit, just a real variety of tropical fruits but under that you can still get the straw coming through from the grain.

It’s very floral in the mouth, that of course is from the hops. I get grapefruit, lime, a bit of nettle almost in there. At the same time there is still sweetness coming through from the malt like honey and cut straw. If you’re into craft beers this whiskey will work perfectly with them as a chaser. 

Paul (r) & Ewan (l) discussing this collaboration 

About the Whiskey
On Sale:
In store & available online Friday November 27th. 
Price: €85.00
Limited Release: 1,600 bottles in total, only 144 bottles kept for Ireland.
Best Enjoyed: With a tall glass of IPA! 

Tasting Notes
 Nose: New world hops, mango, passionfruit, grapefruit, cut straw
 Palette: Floral hops, nettle, grapefruit, honey and lime
 Finish: Soft oak with dried limes and tangerine.

Available from the Distillery Shop in Clonakilty & Online Store

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